Top Selling Leather Laptop Backpack & Carryall Duffle Bag | Men's Book Magazine

Top Selling Leather Laptop Backpack & Carryall Duffle Bag | Men's Book Magazine

When it comes to high-end luxury fashion brands, there are some names that instantly pop into our heads. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Chanel are just some of the brands that have come to the top of the list of luxury fashion brands. With the impeccable style and artisanship, these brands are the try synonym for what luxury looks and feels like. Luckily, there is one other brand that is certainly making waves in the luggage department and that is Lotta Pieces.

The latest collection from Lotta Pieces is called "the Altitude Collection". What makes it so eye-catching is the combination and choice of materials and fabrics used in the making. Stainless steel, damask fabric, leather, and suede are used in the most original and extraordinary ways that deliver a new look and show different approaches in the making of the luggage department.
The idea behind the brand and the collection comes from the creative director Ukeje Agu Jr’s vision. That is very present and dominant in the sculpturing of the luxury leather laptop backpack and the carry-on duffel luggage bag. The entire look features carefully designed angles, shapes, and the addition of textures that makes each bag original and unique on a first look. These are the type of bags that modern and contemporary travelers can take with them anytime they set on a adventure.

When the innovation meets the luxury and is incorporated into the luggage pieces, it results in durable, fashionable, and timeless pieces such as the ones from Lotta Pieces “Altitude Collection”. Whether the choice falls on the innovative luxury leather laptop backpack, carryall weekender duffle bag that comes with a innovative detachable fanny pack and crossbody shoulder bag, or the aluminum suitcase, each of them will serve its purpose to the fullest.

Lotta Pieces is the luggage that you buy once and use your entire lifetime.

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