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Thanks to social media, fashion brands have reached their potential like never seen before. With the help of likes, comments, follows, and shares, it has never been as possible as it is today to bring a solid and profound vision to life if appropriately executed. Lotta Pieces is a luxury fashion brand that has taken full advantage of these fantastic tools on social media platforms to grow its presence and scale to unbelievable heights cultivating a intuitive presentation of creativity and untethered style

 As a young child, Creative Director Ukeje Agu Jr. thoroughly showed a big heart and the need to share his passion for life with anyone he connected with. Later down the road, as Ukeje became much more in tune with himself, he knew it was time to share his message across the globe. Launching the Lotta Pieces brand in 2004, Ukeje started his first business venture with the idea of selling T-shirts with his stamped logo "Lotta Pieces" on them. When broken down, this acronym says, "Live.Once.Take.Time.Appreciate. Put.In.Effort.Creativity.Expect.Success".

Ukeje created the brand to specifically resonate with hustlers and go-getters who have the mentality of a lion and understand that anything in life can be attainable with the magic formula of hard work, consistency and extreme focus.

 The Lotta Pieces brand is most famously known for its latest and most significant product line, "The Altitude Collection." This exciting collection includes various travel articles that stand out amongst most travel sets on the market due to how intricately composed and well dialed in theoretically and practically the collection is as a whole. This collection is comprised of two-toned leather and suede laptop backpacks that can attach to the solid aluminum roller suitcase equipped with TSA locks for your traveling convenience, along with leather duffel bags that beautifully match the backpacks, made from premium sourced materials from one seam to the next, creating a sophisticated design atmosphere with an edge. 

 It was an extraordinary feat for Ukeje and his team to create successful products that thousands worldwide have come to love and enjoy. After all, looking back at it, the message Ukeje has been spreading in hopes for people to execute their vision has become a reality for Ukeje himself. According to Ukeje, he is far from done and continues to pursue even higher plateaus. With the brand broadening their social presence on Instagram and bringing forth more exceptional premium products.

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