The Most Intelligent Leather Laptop Backpack & Carryall Duffle Bag

To succeed in today’s fashion market, brands need to have a unique product offering. Lotta Pieces has been building its distinguished reputation for innovation and authentic craftsmanship since 2004. It all began when Creative Director Ukeje Agu Jr started designing exclusive T-shirts with embedded crystal stones. His love for elegance and self-expression made Lotta Pieces a exceptional fashion house. Today, the brand offers an exclusive selection of apparel and luggage items designed for consumers who desire versatility and luxury.

"The Altitude Collection" is Ukeje's latest signature of high artisanship. The fashion house has been working overtime to create bags which integrate leather with metal handles in a visually pleasing and durable fashion. These luggage pieces have been crafted for the refined traveler who appreciates the unique blend of practicality and style. The collection includes high-end leather goods such as a leather carryall weekender duffle bag and a leather laptop backpack. Ukeje specifically designed each item to include a detachable smaller pack. As a result, the user can quickly turn this pack into a crossbody bag or a fanny pack. Such a high standard of ergonomic use allows, passionate globetrotters to have quick access to items such as passports during check-ins.

Moreover, the other piece of the collection is a luxurious aluminum suitcase. It includes TSA access locks which add a layer of protection, offering peace of mind to the user. Besides, the 360 roller wheels make carrying as convenient as possible. Items are also designed to match one another. For example, the backpack can attach to the suitcase, and it fits with the color of the duffle bag. Size-wise, the dimensions of the Lotta Pieces duffle bag are 21"x 12"x 12", meaning it is ideal for your airplane trip. The laptop backpack is even smaller, so it can fit below the seat ahead. Lastly, the roller suitcase is 18"x7"x 14" and can also serve as a carry-on luggage item.

Customers love the practicality, timeless elegance, and quality of the Lotta Pieces bags. From one seam to the next, these products are made from premium sourced materials to match the sophistication of the user. Lastly, Ukeje and his team will continue to innovate and create more luxurious pieces. Be part of Lotta Pieces journey! Discover the Altitude Collection.

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