The Most Desirable Leather Carryall Duffle Bag And Laptop Backpack | Business Insider

The Most Desirable Leather Carryall Duffle Bag And Laptop Backpack | Business Insider

When luxury meets fashion, it most commonly ends up in high-praised and unique pieces. Such pieces are very appreciated because of the unique approach to artisanship, details, and the quality it provides to fashion consumers. Throughout the time, as a brand that brings luxury to fashion, Lotta Pieces has shown that its offer is more than unique. It is simply unrepeatable and exquisite. What especially stands out is "The Altitude" collection, representing the innovation in this department through the newly-sculptured shapes of the best leather and metal handles. The final result – highly luxurious and elegant pieces that captivate with their subtle but eye-catching beauty.

"The Altitude" collection brings together pieces such as a leather carryall weekender duffel bag, leather laptop backpack that converts into a fanny pack or crossbody shoulder bag, and gracious aluminum suitcase. This entire set is one of a kind. The brands logo is engraved in the lightweight gold-plated and stainless steel handles. The leather padded shoulder straps look extremely luxurious and do not lack comfortability. For fashionable travelers, a leather duffel bag is a great option whether you set on for a weekend getaway or a carry-on piece when flying abroad. Both the duffel bag and the backpack come in two color options: off white and tan, and olive green and gray.

Traveling in style has never been so easy. Lotta Pieces "The Altitude" collection is versatile and fashionable, a great option for all those looking for something more of their traveling set. To learn more about Lotta Pieces and their latest releases, be sure to follow them on Instagram @lottapieces. Also, visit their website to discover "The Altitude" collection and much more!
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