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At Lotta Pieces, online presence has been taken seriously since day one. Social media has enabled Lotta Pieces to engage with its customers and gain genuine real-time feedback. When Creative Director Ukeje Agu Jr. established the business in 2004, he understood one thing. People are sophisticated, which is what makes them unique. Therefore, Ukeje’s mission was to create a brand that could match people's intrinsic sophistication through exclusive design and aesthetics. While products have resulted from extensive market research and thorough competitor reviews, Ukeje has always considered customer feedback paramount. Therefore, social media has been an imperative tool to connect and listen to the wants and needs of Lotta Pieces loyal fanbase.

The company designed exclusive T-shirts with embedded crystal stones during its humble beginnings. However, the operation quickly grew into a fashion house by expanding the offering to include a unique selection of apparel and luggage items. In addition, Ukeje has assessed consumer feedback on social media with hawkish attention to detail to devise exceptional products. This brand is for visionary hustlers willing to make sacrifices to turn a dream into reality. Countless international artists such as Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and Davido have acknowledged that Lotta Pieces items serve as a consistent inspiration source for people heading towards a dream.

"The Altitude Collection", Ukeje's latest signature of high artisanship, includes luggage pieces crafted for the refined traveller who appreciates the unique blend of practicality and style. This collection empowers the user to explore places and connect with people confidently while carrying the leather laptop backpack, leather weekender carryall duffle bag or a suitcase that evokes the idea of cutting-edge fashion and versatility. Ukeje and his team have been sincerely grateful for all the positive reviews, encouragements, and engagement received on social media over the past years. Lotta Pieces solid reputation for quality and versatility is the merit of its loyal customers, who trust the brand.

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