The Best Leather Duffle Bag And Laptop Backpack You Can Buy | Yahoo News

The Best Leather Duffle Bag And Laptop Backpack You Can Buy | Yahoo News

Social media and the social media presence are an accompanying link to every fashion brand. Being present in the virtual sky is extremely important today, as it targets special demographics. With the popularity and the influence social media has over individuals and businesses, it is unavoidable to be part of it. Seeing its full potential and the benefits it delivers to the businesses and the consumers, social media platforms have grown to a level of daily operations as well as a place for innovations, growing creativity, and style exploration.
As a luxury fashion brand, Lotta Pieces has fully accepted the changes the technology and the modern world impose, and turned that for personal growth and use. Creativity is no strange thing for the creative director Ukeje Agu Jr, who has shared his passion for life and improvement since his earliest days. During his personal and professional development, Ukeje found himself just in the position to share and spread the message he had with the world. And there was no better way to do that than with the creative use of fashion. And just like that, Lotta Pieces was born in 2004. What made the brand so special was that it was initially created so that it would cater to all those who felt fierce strong, for those who believed that everything is possible with hard work, consistency and focus.

“The Altitude Collection” is the newest and the latest product line that is designed for all modern and urban travelers. The leather laptop backpack can fit most laptops and 3-4 days of clothes, when you add the leather weekender duffle bag carry on luggage most of your life can enter inside and whatever is left can securely be placed in the durable silver aluminum suitcase with TSA locks and can be used in tandem with the leather laptop backpack via attaching the rear strap of the backpack to the telescope handle of the aluminum suitcase.

In designing this collection innovation was paramount, the detachable fanny pack/ shoulder crossbody bag allows you to remove the pouch that is attached to a belt at the front of leather backpack and leather duffle bag and wear it around your waist as a fanny pack or as a full size shoulder bag just by simply adjusting the strap. Keep your smaller items such as your passport, keys, phone close by for your convenience when you travel. This limited edition collection is almost sold out. Through this collection, the designer has once again spread his message that every vision can become a reality. Get yours now! get a FREE GIFT & FREE SHIPPING!!!

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