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Luxury brand Lotta Pieces has recently introduced the Altitude luggage collection, which results from extensive market research, and hawkish attention to detail. Lotta Pieces mission is to satisfy the modern consumer who is both quality-conscious and fashion-conscious. The Altitude luggage collection is a signature of Lotta Pieces’ Creative Director, Mr. Ukeje Agu Jr, who draws from everything for his designs to devise the sweet spot between practicality and style. This collection includes high-end leather goods such as leather duffle bags, a leather laptop backpack, and a luxurious aluminum suitcase. Pieces from the Altitude luggage collection differentiate themselves through a unique blend of fashion and innovation.

Firstly, carefully handcrafted as it is, the leather laptop backpack combines practicality and elegance. It includes a detachable bag that one can use as a fanny pack around the waist. With the simple adjustment of the strap, it can be carried over the shoulder or attached to a belt. This feature allows individuals to keep a few items handy during their daily adventures.The inside is just as lovely as the outside, It contains a sleeve for the laptop and suede lining for a minimalist touch. The available colors are green and grey, and off-white shades for people who prefer lighter tints. Secondly, the leather weekender duffle bag is an indispensable travel companion for a weekend getaway. Similar to the laptop backpack, the duffle bag involves a smaller bag that the user can detach from the larger one by quickly unbuckling the belt. This feature can be helpful in many scenarios. For example, it allows quick access to items such as passports during check-ins. In addition, from a design standpoint, the leather duffle bag follows the same color themes as the leather laptop backpack.

The laptop backpack and the duffle bag are great carry-on luggage items in terms of dimensions. As a rule of thumb, most airlines allow a carry-on piece of luggage that is 45 linear (total) inches. For example, a common-sized bag for carry-on luggage is 22"x 14"x 9". The size of the Lotta pieces duffle bag is 21"x 12"x 12", meaning it is ideal for your airplane trip. The laptop backpack is even smaller, so it can fit below the seat ahead.
The final item in the Altitude collection is the aluminum suitcase. This luggage is built to last and focuses on security and convenience. The TSA access locks add a layer of protection, offering peace of mind to the user. Moreover, the 360 roller wheels make carrying as convenient as possible. Lastly, its dimensions are 18"x7"x 14" meaning it can also serve as a carry-on luggage item.

Overall, Mr. Ukeje Agu Jr has crafted these luggage pieces for the refined traveler who appreciates the unique blend of practicality and style. Lotta Pieces empowers the user to explore places and connect with people confidently while carrying a bag or a suitcase that evokes the idea of cutting-edge fashion and technology.
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