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The "Altitude" collection is one of Lotta Pieces best expressions of innovative intuition combined with sculpted shapes of leather and molded metal handles that grasp elegance and ingenuity simultaneously.

 This collection includes a Leather duffel bag, Backpack, shoulder bag, and a beautiful aluminum suitcase to complete the whole set. The lightweight gold plated and stainless steel logo-engraved handles, leather handle cover, and padded shoulder strap combine luxury and comfort for fashion-forward travelers. The Leather duffel is the perfect bag for anyone; it can be used for a short weekend trip or you can add it as another piece for some extra room as a carry-on bag when flying abroad. The Backpack and Duffel bag comes in two different colorways, a fabulous two-tone cream and tan, as well as an Olive Green and Gray combinations that blends seamlessly with one another. 

 What is most interesting about Lotta Pieces and their "Altitude Collection" is that it provides a unique versatility attribute that isn't common on most travel sets. The Backpack and Duffel bag offers a leather belt that allows you to slide on and detach an additional smaller pack to fit smaller essential items such as your passport, phone and keys, removing the hassle of digging and searching around the larger bags. The smaller, removable pack conveniently comes with a adjustable strap of its own, creating the perfect shoulder bag that can convert to a fanny pack.

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