Quiet luxury

Best Quiet Luxury Brand

QUIET LUXURY is the hot topic in the fashion industry at the moment with brands like Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana at the forefront of the conversation. Customers are choosing to move away from brands that have more of an ostentatious look such as brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace that can easily be identified with a glance. This trend has been around for years but done quietly but recently identified by the mainstream. Quiet luxury also has another form and luxury brands like Lotta Pieces has taken full advantage of this amazing opportunity. Customers are gravitating to luxury brands that are not yet household names but have exquisite design and impeccable quality. Lotta Pieces Altitude collection second delivery is a great example of quiet luxury where if you know you know if you don’t know, you know for certain your looking at a uniquely built product using quality materials. Experience Lotta Pieces travel accessories like our backpack, duffle bag, toiletry bag and aluminum suitcase for yourself, you’ll be sure to tell your friends quietly.

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