Best Luxury Leather Laptop Backpack And Weekender Duffle Bag | The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Best Luxury Leather Laptop Backpack And Weekender Duffle Bag | The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Travelling is always something we early await for. Whether that is a weekend getaway, a holiday trip, or just a business trip, going on a trip requires packing. Some overpack, some underpack. However, it is best to travel lights, and there is no better way than to look for a traveling set that can help you travel complete while expressing your individual style. With all of that in mind, as well as providing the consumer with the utmost style and practicality, Lotta Pieces has designed and launched its unique “Altitude Collection”. It is a travel collection, suitable for all those who are frequently on the move.

One-piece that exceptionally stands out in this collection is the leather laptop backpack. It is a piece that not only fits your laptop, but it can fit clothes for 3-4 days. This backpack is a great companion to another piece of the collection, the silver aluminum suitcase with TSA locks and 360 wheels. This is a combo that will fit everything you carry with you.

The rarity and the beauty of this collection, the specialty of these pieces is the innovative approach that was taken into the whole setting of the collection. The detachable fanny pack and shoulder crossbody bag can easily be removed from the belt at the front of the leather laptop backpack and the leather carryall weekender duffel bag and be worn alone. It is a great option to keep some of your most precious belongings close to you like your phone, wallet, passport, keys, etc.

This limited edition is quickly selling out, so be sure to get your traveling piece or set and enjoy a gift and free shipping with each order.

If you are looking for convenience when traveling, look no further - Lotta Pieces “The Altitude Collection” is the choice for you!

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