Best In Market Leather Duffle Bag & Laptop Backpack

In Beverly Hills, California, Creative Director Ukeje Agu Jr. started his first business venture when he sold exclusive T-shirts using crystal stones to form the designs that inspired financial abundance to those who wore and saw the product. With Ukeje's deep love for fashion, he developed the brand to become much more significant than he could ever imagine. "The Altitude Collection" is Ukeje's newest assembly of a profound example of artisanship at an elevated level; this exciting collection includes various travel articles that stand out amongst most travel sets on the market. This collection comprises two-toned leather and suede laptop backpacks that can attach to the solid aluminum roller suitcase equipped with TSA locks for your traveling convenience, along with duffel bags that beautifully match the backpacks, made from premium sourced materials from one seam to the nextcreating a sophisticated atmosphere of design with a edge.

 Although each piece from "The Altitude Collection" serves its own purpose, Ukeje specifically designed both the backpack and duffle bag to take on the role of attaching an additional smaller pack that can be separated when needed, turning itself into a crossbody bag or a fanny pack. While maintaining a luxury look, Ukeje wanted to maintain a high standard of ergonomic use and extract as much potential benefit as possible from every product Lotta Pieces has to offer.

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