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Founded in 2004 in California, Lotta Pieces is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands, with a distinguished reputation for innovation, creativity, and authentic craftsmanship. In addition, it owns a unique selection of apparel and luggage items designed for the elegant modern consumer. Lotta Pieces has developed as a symbol of “infinite possibilities”. It is for the bold who aspire to “do well” despite the challenges life sometimes throws. Countless international artists such as Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and Davido have acknowledged that Lotta Pieces items lend themselves a consistent inspiration source of for people heading towards a dream. “The Altitude” luggage collection is Lotta Pieces latest expression of extensive research and design creativity. The label has been working overtime to create bags which integrate leather with metal handles in a visually pleasing and durable fashion.

This collection includes high-end leather goods such as duffle bags, laptop backpacks, and shoulder bags. Moreover, it introduces a luxurious aluminum suitcase. As a signature of exceptional quality, Lotta Pieces luggage items usually have lightweight gold plated and stainless steel logo-engraved handles plus leather handle covers for an extra touch of luxury and comfort. Firstly, the leather duffle bag is an indispensable travel companion for a weekend getaway. The duffle bag includes a smaller pack that the user can detach from the bigger one by quickly unbuckling the straps. This feature allows individuals to keep a few items handy during their daily adventures, such as passports when checking in.

Secondly, carefully handcrafted as it is, the leather laptop backpack combines practicality and elegance. Similarly to the leather duffle bag, it includes a detachable pack that one can use as a fanny pack around the waist. It can also be carried over the shoulder or attached to a belt. Therefore, the unique selling point of both items is versatility, a signature of the impeccable travel collection and an attribute that isn't common on most travel sets. Moreover, the laptop backpack and the duffle bag are great carry-on luggage items in dimensions. For instance, the size of the Lotta pieces duffle bag is 21"x 12"x 12", meaning it is ideal for your flight. The laptop backpack is even smaller, so it can fit below the seat ahead. The backpack and duffel bag come in two types of sophisticated color blends aimed to match the complexity of the user’s personality. One version displays a light two-tone off white and tan, whereas the other features an immediately recognizable mix of olive green and grey.

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