Award Winning Leather Laptop Backpack & Weekender Carryall Duffle Bag Of 2022 | Business Insider

Award Winning Leather Laptop Backpack & Weekender Carryall Duffle Bag Of 2022 | Business Insider

Craftsmanship and creativity are the two most distinctive things that can set an entirely new tone for fashion pieces and accessories. If you add the practicality and the comfortability to that, you will end up at Lotta Pieces – a brand that shows a new perspective on fashionable and contemporary garments and accessories.

 The name behind the Lotta Pieces is Ukeje Agu Jr. With his unique vision and mission, he launched the Lotta Pieces brand in 2004 in Beverly Hills, California. As a creative director for the brand, Ukeje was not unfamiliar with what creativity and unique design can bring into the world of fashion. Moreover, his first fashion endeavors began with selling motivational T-shirts, the acronym for “"L.o.t.t.a P.i.e.c.e.s." - "Live.Once.Take.Time.Appreciate.Put. In.Effort.Creativity.Expect.Success".

 Combining the function, practicality and style was something that made Lotta Pieces a pioneer in the fashion and the accessories department.  To stand out in the highly saturated sea of fashion products, the brand created the most unique and diverse offer, which included a luxury leather laptop backpack, leather carryall weekender duffle bag and aluminum suitcase with TSA locks are all part of The Altitude Collection. The captivating design and the unexpected lines are the details that elevate the look of the most desired accessories. The innovation in the look of the stainless steel and gold pleated handle creates captivating and eye-catching pieces that will sustain the change in fashion trends. Through the multifunctionality of the straps and the bags themselves, the brand opened the doors to the multi-usage of a single piece with detachable fanny pack that can also convert to a crossbody shoulder bag, catching the attention of the international superstars including world-renowned stars like Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and Davido.

 With the contemporary style and fashionable practicality, Lotta Pieces offers a variety of choices for all those looking to be unique, outstanding, and wear statement pieces.

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