#1 Leather Carryall Duffel Bag & Laptop Backpack On The Market | Yahoo News

#1 Leather Carryall Duffel Bag & Laptop Backpack On The Market | Yahoo News

As an industry that is constantly changing, fashion and fashion trends are always gathering and including different perspectives. With the vision, skills, and education of the creative directors, each brand becomes unique and significant in the area it focuses its sales. Being a successful brand in today’s fashion world requires originality and uniqueness, and that is what Lotta Pieces is about. And behind the carefully designed pieces stands the designer’s vision that delivers luxury fashion pieces.

Since its foundation, back in 2004 in Beverly Hills, California, the creative director Ukeje Agu Jr was determined to make something extraordinary. His first beginnings in the fashion industry were selling exclusive T-shirts with crystal stones. This approach caught the eye of those who wanted to wear something luxurious and show it most properly. With his love for the industry, as well as creativity and imagination, he created a brand that today stands at the pinnacle of fashion and creative design. The contemporary "The Altitude Collection” is the truest representation of how the ergonomic style and fashion trends can work together and come to an elevated – luxurious level. The most outstanding are the two-toned leather and suede laptop backpacks, aluminum suitcase equipped with the TSA locks, suitable for all those frequently traveling and commuting to work. Another extraordinary piece is the leather carryall weekender duffel bag, specially designed so that it can attach and carry another smaller pack that converts to a fanny pack and crossbody shoulder bag with the adjustment of a strap.

The practicality of the Lotta Pieces bags blends wonderfully with the luxurious touch of class, coolness and creativity, making them pieces that will become timeless and evergreen. The brand, with Ukeje at its realm, continues to stun with its innovative ideas and approaches.

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